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Putting astrology to the test

Recently I read an article by Edu Sotos, a Spanish journalist who was skeptical about astrology and decided, at the urging of his boss at Código Nuevo, to put his prejudices against astrology to the test by consulting a professional … Continue reading

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In June I’ll be speaking on solar returns at the 36 Congreso Ibérico de Astrología in San Sebastian, Spain.  My plan is to briefly review the history of the technique in Western astrology, especially that of the 9th century Persian … Continue reading

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The sidereal zodiac in Hellenistic and Persian astrology

In reading the texts of Hellenistic and Persian astrologers, like Vettius Valens and Abu Ma’Shar, it becomes clear that in their case examples they are using the sidereal zodiac, which they inherited from the Babylonians. Even though Hellenistic astrologers around … Continue reading

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Con-significators in horary

In his descriptions of the astrological houses in Christian Astrology (pages 50-56), Lilly mentions the con-significators of the houses, which he appears to view as a kind of minor dignity somewhat like the joys of the planets, but he never … Continue reading

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