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The Daimon and Uranian Astrology

Recently Martien Hermes posted a fascinating video on the Dispositors of the Lot of Daimon. The concept of Daimon was a fundamental building block of Hellenistic astrology and speaks to the symmetrical nature of the art. Mythologically, the Daimon was … Continue reading

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William Lilly’s Squares acting like Sextiles!

In Christian Astrology (1647), William Lilly comments in his discussion of 3rd House horaries that “… if the Moon apply to the Lord of the third [House], or to any Planet posited in the third, or be in the third, … Continue reading

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Morin’s Use of Zodiac Signs as Accidental Houses

There has been much misunderstanding of my translation of Morin’s Book 18 and, in particular his discussion of zodiacal signs being determined toward the significations of the astrological houses. Hence, I am writing this post in an attempt to further … Continue reading

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Did William Lilly use Signs as Houses?

The recent Whole Sign brouhaha online has got me thinking a lot about houses and noticing references to whole signs and house as I read various texts. I have previously documented how the use of whole signs as astrological houses … Continue reading

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The House Wars, Part II — Witte’s Perspective

Not wanting to get caught up in the current vitriol in the astrology community, I’m a bit reluctant to post this since it could be perceived as taking sides or attacking a colleague. In truth I have great respect for … Continue reading

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Looking at one of Valens’ charts — WSH or Porphyry?

Given the current brouhaha about house systems in ancient astrology, I thought it would be useful to take one of the charts described by Vettius Valens to see what we could glean from his text, making deductions by routine astrological … Continue reading

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Whole Sign Houses in 20th Century Astrology

After listening to the multiple arguments on social media about Whole Sign Houses (WSH), it occurred to me that this method has been the most widely used system of House division in the English-speaking world for more than a century. … Continue reading

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The House Wars of Astrology

Recently I watched a video on astrological domification posted by Deborah Houlding, whose work I have followed and admired for many years. Deb expressed her concern that the current popularity of what are called “Whole Sign Houses” might interfere with … Continue reading

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Morin on King Gustavus Adolphus in Book 18

There has been some discussion of my translation of Morin’s comments about King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden on social media. This blog is intended to clarify what I wrote and my translation of Book 18 back in 2004. In the … Continue reading

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Beware of Parcel Post from Walter Horsford

Annie Holmes of Huntingdon, UK, a 38-year-old widow and mother of three children, received a special package in the mail on January 7, 1897. She had been having a love affair with her 26-year-old cousin, Walter Horsford, a well-to-do farmer … Continue reading

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