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A travel horary

Recently Indian astrologer Ashwin Balaji  invited me to participate with him in a video discussion about horary astrology.  In preparation I went through my files to find a representative horary chart. The following question has to do with a planned … Continue reading

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The 5-card tarot spread of Péladan

Recently I’ve been looking through the tarot literature in Spanish and Portuguese, and I came across a popular spread which gets little press in the English literature.  It’s a fairly simple 5-card spread in the shape of a cross, often … Continue reading

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Looking forward to San Sebastian

I’ll be speaking on solar returns on Saturday, 15 June 2019, at the 36 Congreso Ibércio de Astrología in San Sebastian, Spain.  Here is the list of talks at the conference, copied from their website: VIERNES 14 9:00 Acreditaciones de los … Continue reading

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Book Review: Horary Astrology by Ema Kurent

A few weeks ago I received a review copy of a recently published book on horary by Slovenian astrologer Ema Kurent.  I don’t know Ema personally but I am familiar with her work through an online astrology group which we … Continue reading

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Foreign Language Editions

Recently I received a copy of one of my tarot books that had been translated into Japanese.  The book is quite beautiful, but unfortunately I don’t read Japanese.     I also noticed that the Spanish edition of my first … Continue reading

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The Lord of the Orb in Solar Returns

Recently I’ve been reading through the literature on solar returns in preparation for a talk I’ll be giving in June of this year.  This post will review some interesting ideas that are not much discussed in the English-language literature. The … Continue reading

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