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Wisdom Teeth and Solar Returns

This week a colleague showed me the chart of a 27-year-old man who needed oral surgery to remove his wisdom teeth which had recently become a problem. Glancing at his birth chart and solar return, and using some standard predictive … Continue reading

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What does the sign Gemini have to do with wainscoting?

Recently I reviewed a horary chart about a missing piece of jewelry. The Moon in this chart happened to be in Gemini along with Jupiter, which ruled the 4th house cusp. The Moon is a general signifier of missing things … Continue reading

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Morin delineates a solar return of Cardan

Astrologer Pedro Hernández recently posted a translation from Latin into Spanish of Morin’s delineation of Cardan’s solar return for his 34th year of life (ages 33-34). Pedro has kindly given permission to repost his article here, and I have translated … Continue reading

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The Birth Chart of Nostradamus

Recently I heard Deborah Houlding discuss a horary by Nostradamus, and I wondered about his birth chart. Unfortunately, we do not have a reliable birth chart for the great physician and seer. According to Patrice Guinard, “the archives of Saint-Rémy … Continue reading

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