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Astrology and the Bridge Collapse in Washington State

On Facebook astrologer Jeffrey Geist wondered whether the recent bridge collapse in the state of Washington was related to the astrological conditions at the time of the recent earthquakes around the world.  His comment got me wondering, so I looked at … Continue reading

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Earthquakes and the May 20-21 Uranus-Pluto Square

In yesterday’s post I was musing about the supermoon theory and the occurrence of earthquakes.  In looking at Raphael’s mundane astrology, I noticed that he used conjunctions of planets from Mars out as predictive devices.  Raphael was unaware of the … Continue reading

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Can Earthquakes be Predicted with Astrology?

I must say that when I read in old texts on mundane astrology that earthquakes are predictable by astrological means, I am very skeptical.  If earthquakes could be predicted with any accuracy and reliability, we would not be surprised by … Continue reading

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Brighella as the Page of Swords

On a recent vacation in Italy I got to see many of the medieval and Renaissance paintings which inspired the creation of the tarot in northern Italy during the early 1400s.  This trip inspired me to take out my Medieval … Continue reading

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Tornado devastates Moore, Oklahoma

The major event in yesterday’s news was a devastating tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.  Dozens of people died and the final mortality report is not yet completed.  A funnel cloud was spotted forming in the sky near Moore about 2:52 PM, … Continue reading

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Hellenistic Theology and the Exaltations of the Planets

In my previous post I presented a hypothesis that the joys of the planets were a reflection of the religious worldview of Alexandrian Egypt.  It occurred to me that the exaltations of the planets in Hellenistic astrology might have a … Continue reading

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Hellenistic Theology and a Theory about the Origin of the Joys of the Planets

Chris Brennan’s lecture, which I discussed in the previous post, got me to thinking about the origin of the “joys of the planets.”  I am repeating below the section of the previous post that deals with a hypothesis I developed … Continue reading

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