More on the Moon’s Nodes in Horary

In the last post I reviewed an article by Pepa Sanchis in which she reviews some ideas of French astrologer Denis Labouré  regarding the Moon’s Nodes.  Recently I had a chance to test her comments in a personal horary which involved the South Node.  Sanchis noted that  the Lunar South Node in horary charts could signify loss, weakness, decrease, reduction, poor quality, darkness or dark places, blockage, restriction, sluggishness, lack of effort, depletion of energy, illness, subtraction, deception (both deceiving and being deceived), criticism, and even a bit of insanity.

On September 9, 2018 I asked the horary question about whether I would be able to go on a vacation trip to Italy in October, which my wife and I had been planning for some time. What prompted the question was the recent onset of a cardiac arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation) which is now being worked up.  I wasn’t sure that I would feel physically able to do the amount of walking on hilly terrain which the tour required, so on September 9th I asked a horary about whether I would be able to go, given my recent medical problem.  Here is the chart with Regiomontanus Houses.

go to italy

It is a Sun day during a Moon hour.

Scorpio rises, making Mars in Capricorn in the 3rd my significator.  Uranus Rx (sudden disruption) opposite the Ascendant (the body) probably symbolizes the recent unexpected onset of an arrhythmia.

The trip abroad is signified by the Moon, ruler of the Cancer 9th house. Unfortunately, the Moon is quite debilitated by being combust the Sun.  The next aspect the Moon (the trip) makes is a conjunction with the Sun, which is associated the heart through its rulership of Leo.  It appears that the Sun may prohibit the trip (Moon) from happening.

The Moon (trip) will eventually trine Mars (me) but at the time of the chart it was not within orb of the trine.  By the time the Moon conjoins Mars by transit, Mars will have passed into the next sign Aquarius and will be totally without dignity (peregrine).  Currently Mars, exalted in Capricorn, lies in the sign of detriment of the Moon.

The chart does not look promising as far as my being able to go on this trip is concerned.

My ruler (Mars) also rules the 6th house of illness and will soon change signs into Aquarius where it will be peregrine.  Planets changing sign is often highly significant in horary.  Shortly after entering Aquarius, Mars will conjoin the South Lunar Node, which Pepa Sanchis associates with illness, sluggishness, decrease of energy, loss and restriction — all of which I’m experiencing at the time.  Over the next few days I did feel more sluggish and lacking in energy because of the ongoing arrhythmia, and I realized that I would not be able to keep up with the planned activities of the tour (lots of walking through cities and historical sites) due to the restrictions created by the medical issue.  On September 12th we decided to cancel our reservation, which will entail some loss of the money we already paid toward the trip.  The South Node symbolism makes a lot of sense in this chart.


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5 Responses to More on the Moon’s Nodes in Horary

  1. ayves says:

    Please take care.

  2. Thanks. I’m working closely with my doctor. Fortunately, this is a common condition as we get older and there are many treatment options.

  3. Eve D on FB left the following additional interpretive comments which I have copied and pasted here:

    he presence of lord 5 Jupiter in the 1st also indicates possible heart problem. The Moon is very afflicted being combust the Sun…after which it will make a sextile with that Jupiter and each is in the others sign of fall (at the same time she will trine Pluto who is in the Moons detriment)… pretty clear that the trip is not going to happen.

    The chart is pretty clear and I have always thought that the South Node is like an energy drain. Recently I heard J Lee Lehman call it a toilet where things get flushed away. Since then I have not been able to get that image out of my mind.

  4. Lalita says:

    The South Node interpretations by Sanchis are spot on in a few Horaries I have done about a very dicey character who had been saying he was leaving the country because he was in trouble.The first Horary said he wasn’t going anywhere overseas and yesterday ,22nd September he was Mars in Aquarius conjunct the South Node .This was a wonderful example of deception and being in a debilitated condition !! He has obviously gone into hiding to escape his “troubles” but not where he said he was going
    Great stuff.

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