Boston Marathon Terrorist Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

19 year old terrorist

19 year old terrorist (Note the explosives under “Send a gift”).  Did he do that or was his site hacked?

This morning (April 19, 2013) one news source posted a birth date and a link to a social media page of the younger of the two Boston Marathon terrorists.   People are known to lie on their social media sites, so the birth date of July 22, 1993, is tentative.  The LA Times writes:

“In a profile posted on a social media page under a variation of his name, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev says he was born on July 22 and went to elementary school in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan, a small Muslim Caucasus republic near Chechnya before coming to the U.S. and graduating from Rindge & Latin in 2011.”

A sunrise chart cast for this date at his birthplace is striking for a very close Mercury opposition to a Uranus/Neptune conjunction, suggesting that he could be easily seduced by radical ideas into eccentric behavior.  His afflicted Mercury in Cancer in the 12th suggests that his thinking is dominated by emotion.  Mercury is disposed by the Moon, which in turn is opposed by a retrograde Saturn in Aquarius and is sesquisquare the natal Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn that opposes the Mercury.  On the positive side, Mercury and the Moon are in mutual reception so that he has the capacity to balance reason and emotion unless he is overwhelmed by the stressful aspects from Saturn to the Moon and from Uranus/Neptune to the Moon and Mercury.  The midheaven of his lunar return (for the sunrise natal chart) fell right on top of his natal Mercury, thus activating the natal Mercury opposite Uranus/Neptune during the lunar month of the Boston Marathon bombings.  Mercury occupies and rules his natal sunrise 12th house of subversion and secret activities.

19 y.o. Djohar natal sunrise chart at birthplace (if July 22 is his correct birth date)

19 y.o. Djohar natal sunrise chart at birthplace (if July 22 is his correct birth date)
Snapshot of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Snapshot of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

The current solar return in effect for Boston (July 2012 – July 2013) looks like this:

Djohar SR

The solar return of the sunrise birth chart for Boston is striking for the angular Mars/Uranus opposition falling on the horizon and participating in a T-square with Pluto near the IC.  The return Mars/Uranus opposition falls across the meridian axis of his sunrise birth chart, with SR Uranus conjunct his sunrise MC.   This is a year when this powerful explosive T-Square (Mars – Pluto – Uranus) is likely to manifest in his life.

The lunar returns during the year often indicate the timing of events foreshadowed in the solar return.  Below is a chart of the current solar return with the lunar return in effect for April 15th (the date of the bombings) superimposed.  Note how the Mars/Uranus conjunction of the Lunar Return activates the Mars/Uranus opposition of the Solar Return, indicating that this is the lunar month during which the Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-square of the solar return will manifest.  This T-Square is quite pronounced and likely to manifest because all three planets involved in the configuration are conjunct the angles.

Lunar Return in effect on April15th, the date of the bombings, superimposed on Solar Return of sunrise chart in Boston.

Lunar Return in effect on April15th, the date of the bombings, superimposed on Solar Return of sunrise chart in Boston.

Let me stop here with these speculations since I am not certain this is a correct birth date, although the astrology of this date certainly seems consistent with the events of the past week.  I’m sure that as the day progresses, more information will become available.


This evening (Friday, April 19, 2013) more info has become available.  Many news sources report the same date that I used in the above chart, so I am more confident that it is reliable.  The older brother’s data is also now available.  He is deceased after last night’s shootout with police and appears to be the mastermind of the attack.  Here is his sunrise chart for Kyrgyzstan.  I used the capital city of Bishkek as the birthplace because the city was not given in the news.  The country is not that large, so the capital city should produce a fairly accurate chart for the location of birth.

The older brother has the Sun at 27 Libra applying to conjoin Pluto at 6 Scorpio 53, which in turn exactly squares Mars at 6 Aquarius 52.  Such a perfect Mars square Pluto (in Scorpio) closely tied to his natal Sun suggests issues with aggression and violence that need to be resolved.  This configuration occurs in charts of individuals who have difficulty distinguishing between proper assertion and aggression.  To get their point across they tend to resort to overly forceful means and come across as extremely pushy or, in extreme cases, violent.

With three planets in Scorpio he is a man of deep and intense feelings.  A strong Scorpio influence can indicate a tendency to a vengeful response to feeling affronted.  Perhaps his 2011 interview by the FBI pissed him off and the bombings are a way of extracting revenge on the US government.  His personal planets, Venus and Mercury (affections and thinking), in Scorpio are disposed by Mars in Aquarius (a detached Air sign), which further emphasizes the importance of the Mars/Pluto square in his personality makeup.  Natal Mars trine the Moon in Gemini gives a certain amount of emotional smoothness and cool detachment (Gemini is an Air sign like Aquarius) to his expression of aggression.  The fact that he became a boxer shows that he was capable of constructively channeling the powerfully aggressive energies in his chart.

His decision to become a terrorist is related to his being unable to channel the force of the Mars/Pluto square at this time in his life.  If we compare his secondary progressed chart to his natal chart at the beginning of 2013 (when he was likely planning the bombings), we find progressed Venus exactly conjunct natal Pluto and simultaneous square natal Mars, and also progressed Sun almost exactly conjunct progressed Mars.  Thus, the natal Mars/Pluto square was being highly activated by his secondary progression throughout the months leading up to the bombings.

In an extensive discussion of Mars square Pluto in this young man’s chart astrologer Glenn Perry notes:

A useful way to grasp the flavor of an aspect is to convert one planet into an adjective and the other to a noun.  With Mars adjectives and Pluto nouns, apt phrases are: impatient conversion; violent transformation; reckless power; aggressive cleansing; and immediate elimination.  With Pluto adjectives and Mars’ nouns we get: pent up anger; covert action; passionate assertion; explosive violence; and extreme measures.  If we use Mars’ verbs with Pluto nouns we have: Initiate death; activate power; commence purification; fight evil; and begin evacuation.  Or in reverse: Fear freedom; hate liberty; eliminate competition; subvert independence; and destroy life.

In the natal sunrise chart (time unknown), Venus rules the ASC (his body), the 8th (death) and the 12th (secret and subversive activities).  Progressed Venus conjunct natal Pluto and square natal Mars at the time of this death is consistent with the violent nature of his death.  Gruesome photos of his bullet-ridden  dead body have been posted on the internet.  Mars rules bullets and occupies his 4th house of the end of life and the grave.

Sunrise birth chart of deceased older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev in his birth country.

Sunrise birth chart of deceased older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev in his birth country.  Time of birth and exact birth location are unknown, so I used the capital city Biskek of Kyrgyzstan at sunrise

Tamerlan channeled his Mars/Pluto square into boxing.

Tamerlan channeled his Mars/Pluto square into boxing.

Tamerlan's natal sunrise chart progressed to the beginning of 2013.

Tamerlan’s natal sunrise chart progressed to the beginning of 2013.  Note prg Venus conjunct natal Pluto and square natal Mars.  Also, prg Sun squares prg Mars.  Thus, the natal Mars/Pluto square is highly activated in 2013.  Below is the secondary progressed natal chart on the day of the bombings.


Tamerlan's secondary progressed chart on the day of the bombings.
Tamerlan’s secondary progressed chart on the day of the bombings.

The gives some psychological insights: Tamerlan Tsarnaev ranted at a neighbor about Islam and the United States. His younger brother, Dzhokhar, relished debating people on religion, “then crushing their beliefs with facts.”  The older brother sought individual glory in the boxing ring, while the younger excelled as part of a team. Tamerlan “swaggered” through the family home like a “man-of-the-house type,” one visitor recalls, while Dzhokhar seemed “very respectful and very obedient” to his mother.

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7 Responses to Boston Marathon Terrorist Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

  1. Michelle Young noted on Facebook:

    Dzhokhar and his family requested asylum on April 12, 2002. He was granted legal residence on March 2, 2007. Tamerlan came to the United States on July 19, 2003.

    Tamerlan’s birthdate is October 21, 1986. CBS TV reports that he was born in Kyrgyzstan.

    Their composite chart based on the unknown times is also stunning with VE at 3 VI 49, Moon in a partile conjunction to Chiron (22 CN 40) at 22 CN 29, and NE at 11 CP 27. The Sun is within a tight orb of squaring tJU.

  2. james says:

    is he guilty until proven innocent? this is what your headline suggests. how american circa the 21st century.

    • James, your point is well taken. He is not yet guilty in a court of law, but all the available evidence points to his guilt on the basis of his behavior since the police have been chasing him. A similar case is that of O.J. Simpson. In my opinion he is guilty of murdering two people in California, but legally he was found innocent. I’ll change the headline to indicate that he is a suspect.

      • james says:

        the chart names imply the same thing… i dunno tony.. maybe it seems like i am giving you a hard time! i think these kind of optics do matter though. i find the usa (and as a leader for the rest of the western world) has been moving in a direction where murdering ‘suspected terrorists’ with drones, using torture which is illegal according to international law and actions along these lines disturbing. either a country upholds the values that it is said to represent, or it starts slipping down a slippery slope, which is in fact how i see it at this point.

        now for an astro comment. i made these comments on skyscript earlier fwiw.
        the outstanding astro feature of dzhokhar tsarnaev’s from one point of view is the obvious mercury in close opposition to uranus/neptune. i have set the time for noon and the capital of the country he is said to be born in the absence of more specific data. this gives approximate positions of mercury retro at 18 cancer 44, uranus 19 capricorn 49 and neptune 19 capricorn 29.

        what is interesting if you are into midpoints like i am is how the mars/pluto midpoint which i associate with the capability and potential for violence and aggression happens to be 19 libra 56, using this noon time. this is not too far away from this obvious planetary configuration in his natal chart, however without an examination or consideration of midpoints, it is much less clear to see any mars/pluto emphasis as it is in his older brothers chart where mars and pluto form a fairly tight square in the chart.

        all of this now brings me to my final comment which relates to the timing of the bombing which is now listed as 249pm from the wikipedia page. i have mentioned how i work with the 45 and 135 degree aspects.. without the use of these aspects the immediate connection between the ascendant axis and neptune in the bombing event chart can’t be witnessed.. using these aspects though, one can note the connection from 4 mutable to 19 cardinal immediately

  3. oxeaxe says:

    I would also like to express some unease regarding the chart title (‘terrorist’). Of course that’s what it appears but surely, as astrologers, we are looking beneath the surface and trying to understand what happened to bring these actions about. That’s not to excuse such behaviour just that, astrologically speaking, we are all of us more complex than any label would credit.

  4. You and James make a valid point. In retrospect it would have been preferable to label the charts with names only or with the additional comment “suspected terrorist.” I got caught up in the horror of the event and the preponderance of evidence pointing at these two brothers as the likely perpetrators. I’ve been abroad for the past two weeks and have not kept up in detail with the news on the bombings. It seems that now the younger brother has admitted to authorities his role in the bombings and has also implicated his deceased brother. You are right that we are all very complex and a simple label does not do justice to a chart. I was trying to see what astrological factors stood out in the charts of these two young men that might tie them to terrorist activities.

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