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Trump vs Biden, Part II

In the last post I looked at the profections of both charts. In this post let’s consider the solar and lunar returns of both candidates for 2020 and the election. SR refers to the solar return. LR refers to the … Continue reading

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The Passing of Julian Bond

I woke this morning (16 Aug 2015) to the news that the civil rights leader Julian Bond had died yesterday and it occurred to me to look at his natal chart to see if this event had been foreshadowed in … Continue reading

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Actor Paul Walker dies in car crash

On Saturday, 30 November 2013, at about 3:30 PM a car carrying actor Paul Walker crashed and exploded in flames in Santa Clarita (Valencia), California. Paul Walker played Brian O’Conner in The Fast and the Furious film franchise.  His Facebook page states that the … Continue reading

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Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro hangs himself in prison – the role of Saturn and Neptune

Ariel Castro was sentenced to life in prison last month for abducting and sexually abusing three young women in his Cleveland home.  On Tuesday night, 3 September 2013, he was found hanging by a bed sheet in his prison cell. … Continue reading

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New Revelations about Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger

Anthony Weiner has been much in the news during the past week as further revelations of his sexually explicit internet photos have been made public.  He apparently continued to have online relationships with at least 3 women after resigning from … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon Terrorist Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

This morning (April 19, 2013) one news source posted a birth date and a link to a social media page of the younger of the two Boston Marathon terrorists.   People are known to lie on their social media sites, … Continue reading

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