Masha’allah vs Lilly on Horary Astrology

Recently I read a post by a traditional astrologer, Konrad, at his site Esmeralda Astrology regarding  Masha’allah’s method of Horary  Astrology.  The question was “Will I get the job?” and the astrologer understood and cast the chart for May 17, 2011 at 9:25 PM in Cieff, UK.

Will I get the job?  May 17, 2011.  Sidereal zodiac, whole sign houses.

Will I get the job? May 17, 2011. Sidereal zodiac, whole sign houses.

 Masha’allah’s Method:

Konrad used whole sign houses and the sidereal zodiac.  Scorpio rises and the Moon occupies the 1st house, suggesting that Mars and the Moon rule the question.  Mars in the 6th is in aversion to the Ascendant, which places more emphasis on the Moon.

The MC lies in Virgo, so Mercury rules the job.  Saturn Rx also lies in Virgo. The Moon applies to Saturn by sextile but Saturn does not receive the Moon, so this aspect does not perfect the matter.  MC-rulerMercury, however, is applying to conjoin ASC-ruler Mars, suggesting that the querent will get the job.

Outcome: The querent was offered the job (but in a slightly different role) five days after the questions.  After 6 days on the job, the querent realized that management was not living up to the promises made in the job offer and decided to quit.  Konrad summaries his findings as follows:

“In summation, the querent was offered the job (MC lord applying to ASC lord; Moon applying to a planet in the MC sign) but it did not last long (both lords in cadent houses, as cadents show instability in matters) and resulted in the querent leaving (Moon as main significator applying to a malefic without reception) amid lies or broken promises (Mercury/Mars combinations are known to produce such things).”

How would Lilly analyze the same question?

Here is the chart Lilly would have cast:

"Will I get the job?"  Lilly: Tropical zodiac, Regiomonatnus houses.

“Will I get the job?” Lilly: Tropical zodiac, Regiomonatnus houses.

First, Lilly would use the tropical zodiac and Regiomontanus houses (as opposed to the sidereal zodiac and whole sign houses).  In Lilly’s system,  Scorpio also rises, Virgo is on the MC, Moon lies in the 1st in Sagittarius, and Saturn occupies the 10th but in Libra rather than Scorpio, rather than Virgo.  Hence, Mars (in Taurus in the 5th) and the Moon represent the querent and the question.  Mercury in Taurus in the 5th signifies the job.

The Moon in the 2nd degree of Sagittarius applies to sextile Saturn in the 12th degree of Libra in about 10 degrees, thus forming a connection between the 1st and 10th houses.  The Moon, however, does not occupy any of the dignities of Saturn.

Mercury in the 3rd degree of Taurus applies to conjoint Mars in the 5th degree of Taurus, thus forming a connection between the 10th-ruler and the 1st-ruler in just over 2 degrees.  Mars receives Mercury by the dignity of ‘face’ and Mercury lies in the detriment of Mars.  The rapidly applying conjunction of Mercury with Mars suggests the querent will get the job.  Because face is a weak dignity and Mercury lies the the detriment of Mars, the querent may not be happy with the job.

An interesting feature of this chart is the applying quincunxes of Jupiter (4th ruler) the the ASC and the MC.  Lilly did not use the quincunx in his interpretations.  If we allow the quincunx, it appears that the end of the matter (4th house) will be unsatisfactory for the querent.

It appears that in this example both methods (Masha’allah and Lilly) essentially give the same result.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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3 Responses to Masha’allah vs Lilly on Horary Astrology

  1. roadkinggirl says:

    Thank you very much for this analysis. I have recently changed to sidereal for all charts but horary. I’ll try this side-by-side comparison and see if the charts speak to the same outcome, as you have found here. Excellent article.

  2. elina says:

    In your first chart you use Mercury as MC ruler.But the ruler of MC is Sun as Leo rules MC!!!

  3. elina says:

    Ok now i see that you use real MC not of the whole house.Sorry

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