An interesting tarot/horary consultation

Around midday Friday November 15, 2013, I got a message from a distraught young man who was given my name by a mutual friend for whom I had done a tarot reading about career matters a few months ago.  The reading turned out to be fairly on target, so our mutual acquaintance thought I could be of help in this situation.  To preserve confidentiality I’ll call the frantic querent ‘Victor” though that is not his real name.

Victor worked as part of a team in an office consisting of architects and engineers.  The team had designed a building, but during the construction phase it was discovered that some parts of the plans were not up to code.  Victor was being blamed for the costly mistake, but he had no recollection of having made the error.  He worried that he might have inadvertently caused the problem and would now have to face the consequences.

We did a four-card spread, which turned out to be:

Chariot – Fool – 2 of Coins – 6 of Coins.  (Using the geomantic method, this converts to or Laetitia.)  This looked generally positive, as confirmed by Laetitia, and I felt the outcome would be in his favor.  When he asked for more details, I also did a celtic cross spread, which was striking for the Moon card in the near future position.

We also looked at a horary chart for Friday Nov 15, 2013, at 12:58 PM EST.  Here it is with Placidus houses, which was how my computer happened to be set at the time.

Victor's horary question.

Victor’s horary question.

With Aquarius on the ASC, Victor is signified by traditional ruler Saturn, which occupies the 8th house of anguish of mind.  This certainly described Victor.  Neptune close to the ASC represented his state of confusion and raised the possibility of some type of deception going on.

With Sagittarius on the 10th cusp of career matters, Jupiter represented the quesited.  Jupiter is exalted in Cancer but Rx, which fit the setback the team was experiencing because of the costly mistake in the plans.  Saturn and Jupiter are mutually applying to a trine, a very favorable aspect.  In fact, transiting Jupiter trines transiting Saturn on December 12, 2013, so I felt that by that date the matter would be resolved in the querent’s favor.

The querent contacted me two days later to say that he had discovered that one of the architects in the office had asked for the change in the plans but there was no written record of it.  This person was now trying to minimize his role and let someone else take the blame.

The situation is still in progress, but I think it will work out in his favor in the long run.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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  1. So interesting… I see that the moon is opposing mercury, mercury ruling H6 of employees, showing his employee made a bad decision that the client discovered when the moon got to Mercury (new info), a mistake the culprit is doing his best to keep hidden in that 8th house, with no written (mercury) records. I love all your Horary examples, Anthony, along with your in-depth explanations. I bought your latest horary book on missing objects as a birthday gift to myself!–can’t wait to read it!!!

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