Horary – Why do I keep hiring the wrong astrologers?

Why browsing online recently, I came across the following horary question posted by ‘athenian200’ on astrologyweekly.com: “Why do I keep hiring the wrong astrologers?”

The querent complained in the post that:

“I’ve found that every time I try to pay for a chart reading of some kind, I don’t get anything out of it except a lighter wallet. What keeps happening is that I pay for a reading, and then the Astrologer gives me very vague hints about what they think is important.
They also have a tendency to act as though reading the chart is mentally draining for them, and takes them a long time. They always want to stretch the readings out as long as possible in order to get me to pay for multiple hours and sessions. It feels like they are deliberately giving me as little for my money as possible in some cases. … If I ask them their opinion about chart factors like planets being in sect, fixed stars, dodecatemoria, sabian symbols, or Arabic parts, they tend to dismiss those things as unimportant and say they only use the 9 planets.”

The querent used Placidus houses.  Here is the horary chart:

Horary question by athenian200: Why do I keep hiring the wrong Astrologers?

Horary question by athenian200:
Why do I keep hiring the wrong Astrologers?

It is a Mars day during a Mars hour.  The querent sounds somewhat angry about the situation, fitting the symbolism of Mars.  The sign Virgo rises, so Mercury rules the querent.  Consultants are shown by the 7th house with its Pisces cusp, so Jupiter rules the consulting astrologer whom the querent would hire.

Note that Neptune on the cusp of the 7th (the consultant) opposes Mercury (the querent) in the 1st.  It may be that the querent is not thinking clearly, is acting on fantasy and wishful desire rather than facts, or is being actively deceived (all Neptune significations) by the potential consultant.

Jupiter (the consultant) lies exactly on the cusp of the 12th of secret enemies.  The people the querent consults are not helpful friends but rather secret enemies.  What are they after?  Jupiter conjoins Venus (ruler of the 2nd of the querent’s income) in the 12th of deception.

Frankly, I think that this kind of question is better answered from the natal chart, which is not provided.  There may be natal traits or current transits, progressions, etc., which would provide more clarity about the situation.

Since we only have the horary to go with, I decided to look at an old horary technique which is written about by some Hellensitic astrologers: the use of dodecatamoria which consists of dividing each sign into 12 equal parts.  I’m not sure how valuable this technique is because it seems that ancient astrologers resorted to its use when they could not get the answers they wanted from a standard horoscope chart.  Unfortunately, the history of astrology is replete with ‘refined’ techniques whose purpose seems to have been to provide a fudge factor to help astrologers out of a jam when they gave wrong information to their clients.  The 17th century French astrologer Morinus regarded many of these techniques as superstitious nonsense.

Nonetheless, here is the same chart with Whole Sign houses and the dodecatemoria positions around the outside of the wheel.

Horary with dodecatemoria outside.

Horary with dodecatemoria outside.

Presumably in consultation astrology the dodecatemoria (twelfth parts) give insight into the mindset and cognition of the querent. The the twelfth part of the ASC (the Querent) lies in the 3rd house in the terms of Mercury, together with the twelfth part of Venus (money & income) and horary Mars and Saturn.  The querent is angry about the loss of money to incompetent astrologers.

The strong emphasis on the 3rd house in this horary suggests that the problem may lie in the querent’s failure to investigate carefully the credentials of potential consultants by gathering sufficient detailed information and examining it carefully (the combination of Mercury, Mars and Saturn in the 3rd of communication, Jupiter square Mars/Saturn). On the other hand, the querent may wish to gather in-depth information (Mercury / Scorpio) which is unavailable from an astrological chart.

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3 Responses to Horary – Why do I keep hiring the wrong astrologers?

  1. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Grandtrines and commented:
    Similar, no doubt, to “why do I keep dating the wrong men (women)?”

  2. Kilaya says:

    I am a professional astrologer and have to admit that sometimes a client comes to me with a question that they would be better served answering on their own. This usually happens with people who see an astrologer frequently. Sometimes an unhealthy relationship with astrology has been formed that disempowers rather than supports, enriches, reflects the client. Repeated bad experiences an astrologer COULD reflect this. It may be a time for self-reflection/meditation rather than another reading.

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