Where is my pet? Is he okay?

The querent and her husband had just relocated to a new home in a city a few hours from where they had been living.  On the day of the move she could not find her pet at the new location and thought that the cat was either in the home, hiding because it was a foreign environment, or that her pet had sneaked of the house as the movers were going in and out.  Her worry was that if the cat had run off in the new neighborhood, she might never see him again.  Being an amateur astrologer, she decided to cast a horary chart about the whereabouts and condition of the cat. Here is the chart with Regiomontanus houses and Dorothean terms.


It is a Venus day during a Sun hour.  The Sun trines the Cancer Ascendant from watery Pisces in the 9th of long trips.  The Sun also rules Leo, a sign associated with cats.

The Ascendant at 20 Cancer 23 makes the Moon the signifier of the querent.  The Moon in Scorpio (the Moon’s fall) in the 5th house reflects the querent’s distress about the missing pet.   The Moon is also close to Valens Lot of Accusation (Ascendant + Mars – Saturn, by day) at 28 Scorpio 22, which has to do with screw-ups, failures, misfortune, injury and being away from home (see previous post).

The 5th house often has to do with children, but in this case the children were grown and not involved in the situation.  It may be that the cat acted as a substitute child for this older couple.

The twelfth-part (dodecaemorion) of the Ascendant lies in early Pisces on the 9th house cusp.  The querent is worried about something related to a long trip.  Neptune in Pisces probably indicates the confusion engendered in both the querent and the cat by the move.  The ruler of Pisces is Jupiter, which occupies the 4th house of the family home.

The missing cat is shown by Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, on the cusp of the 6th house. Saturn in the 6th most likely symbolizes the cat’s distress about the move.

Jupiter, the ruler of the cat, lies in the 4th (the family home or estate) in Libra (ruled by benefic Venus) and in his own Dorothean terms.  Jupiter is retrograde (moving backward, symbolizing a return) and is applying to trine the Ascendant in under a degree.  The pet should return soon.

The Moon is a universal signifier of strays, but in this chart it specifically represents the querent because of the Cancer Ascendant. The Moon’s last aspect was a trine to the Sun in Pisces in the 9th.  Perhaps the Moon’s recent trine Sun (ruler of Leo, the king cat) points to the querent’s last contact with the cat.  The Moon (querent) is about to change signs from Scorpio into Sagittarius (the Whole Sign 6th house of pets), and upon changing signs the Moon will sextile the 4th house cusp of the family home and landed property.

The outcome was that the querent continued to look for her cat throughout the day.  She was also involved with her husband in the process of moving, so her search was intermittent.  There seemed to be no sign of the cat anywhere inside the home, so she assumed it had gone outside.  An hour or so after sunset, she heard a meow at the door, and there was her missing cat wanting to come in.  The cat returned with Libra (the horary 4th containing Jupiter, the cat) on the Ascendant and the Moon having just moved into Sagittarius, the 6th house cusp of the horary chart.

Here is the chart with the dodecatemoria of the horary placements around the outside of the wheel.


About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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2 Responses to Where is my pet? Is he okay?

  1. dheeksha3 says:

    Sir, please do a reading for me. My cat and kitten has been missing for more than 40 days. I want to know whether they are alive or not? Want to know whether I find them or not? Please help me

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