Could Donald Trump have Virgo rising?

In the 2016 presidential elections many astrologers were surprised that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. Part of the problem in making an astrological prediction was that we did not have a verified birth time for Mrs. Clinton. In addition, Donald Trump was born so close the the change of signs from Leo to Virgo on the Ascendant that it was hard to be sure which was his true rising sign. For Hellenistic astrologers especially, the correct ascending sign is crucial to making an accurate prediction.

Preceding the election, I used an 8 AM time for Clinton and a 10:54 AM time for Trump (from his birth certificate). When asked directly, Hillary Clinton usually says that she was born at 8 PM, but astrologers doubted her. Donald Trump was born at Jamaica Hospital in Queens where his birth time was recorded as 10:54 AM, which gives a Leo Ascendant. A mere 13 seconds later, at 10:54:13 AM the Ascendant shifts into Virgo, so it is entirely possible that if the hospital staff rounded to the nearest minute (10:54 AM) that Trump may have a Virgo Ascendant.

For the sake of argument let’s assume that Trump was born at 10:54:13 AM or a few seconds later so that his Ascendant would be in Virgo. His Whole Sign chart would look like this:


In this Virgo rising chart, Trump’s zodiacal releasing from Daimon at the time of the 2016 election would look like this:


He is in a 25-year-long Cancer period on Level I, which began in 2000. This activates his fortunate 11th house which contains 10th-ruler Mercury as well as Saturn, Venus and his Lot of Exaltation. Because Jupiter, the benefic of the day sect, lies in Libra, it too is activated through the square with Cancer.

At the time of the 2016 election Trump was in a Gemini period on Level 2. Gemini is his 10th house of career, and its ruler Mercury is already activated by its placement in Cancer in square to benefic Jupiter. The Moon, which rules Cancer, lies opposite Gemini.

This pattern of zodiacal releasing from Spirit is certainly consistent with his winning the election.

Next consider his Solar Return in June of 2016 about five months before the election:


It is interesting that in his 2016 Solar Return the Lot of Spirit lies exactly on the Midheaven.  In addition, Mercury (ruler of the natal 10th of career) conjoins the Lot of Exaltation in Gemini, the solar return 11th of hopes and wishes and the natal 10th of profession.

Lastly, let’s look at Trump’s firdaria (Al-Biruni) in a Virgo rising chart:


During the year of the campaign Trump was in a Mars/Jupiter period. He entered a North Node period in June of 2016.  In the Virgo rising chart, the North Node lies in the 10th house of career conjunct the natal Sun, which seems fitting for the period in which he ascended to the presidency. Here is Trump’s square chart with Virgo rising to illustrate this point:


It is also noteworthy that in a Virgo-rising chart, Trump has impulsive Mars in dramatic Leo in the 12th house of self-sabotage. Even his supporters might agree that his impulsive lashing out often works against his best interests.

Another interesting point: if Trump were born at 10:54:27 AM (which rounds to 10:54 AM as on his birth certificate), he would have 00 Virgo 03 on the Ascendant.  In November of 2016 during the presidential election, the fixed star Regulus (“the heart of the Lion” aka “the little King”) would have been exactly conjunct his natal Ascendant.

Clearly, this speculative chart does not prove that Trump has Virgo rising, but it does illustrate that a Virgo Ascendant is a distinct possibility.


About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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7 Responses to Could Donald Trump have Virgo rising?

  1. Dan says:

    Hi, Tony! Interesting theoretical work, and important; it’s very hard for me to conceive of Trump as a Virgo Rising which is why it’s a good exercise. From a Hellenistic standpoint, with Leo rising, he has Pluto and Mars in Leo in the first house, difficult, combative, and dramatic planets for the self, while he has indulgent (he’s a day chart) Venus plus restrictive Saturn and chatty Mercury all flooding him in the twelfth house in Cancer. If we move his rising to Virgo, he has no planets in the first in Virgo, Hellenistically. Does anybody really think Donald Trump has no planets in his first house of self? Plus he totally looks like a Leo rising with that flowing blond “mane.” 🙂

    • Jesse says:

      I too just came to the realization that he may indeed be a Virgo rising. The planetary positions just don’t make sense when he is a Leo rising (tropically). It puts his career/authority planet (Venus) into the 12th house of loss in poor dignity tightly conjunct the Saturn the planet of restriction and delay. This is far from how his life panned out. He was moved into positions of authority and prominence from a young age. This is much better seen when he becomes a Virgo rising with the Sun and Rahu placed in his 10th house. His 10th lord Mercury is then positioned strongly in the 11th house of politics. As a Virgo rising Jupiter is placed in his 2nd house (he has always been abundant with regards to money) and his 2nd house lord Venus creates a wealth yoga in the 11th house. Jupiter rules his 4th house of real estate and land and this planet goes into his 2nd house meaning he receives wealth through real estate and property. This is, of course how he made his fortune, through real estate. As a Leo rising he has 0 wealth yogas whereas with a Virgo rising he has 3 wealth yogas not to mention the two strongest benefic planets (Jupiter and Venus) sitting in his wealth houses. I can’t believe I didn’t see this earlier but it should give us a different understanding of Donald Trump.

  2. Pete says:

    Based on the recent death of his brother i go for leo

  3. Tyler says:

    Just going by the basics, i.e. the rising sign usually giving some clue about physical appearance as well as personality, that Trump might have Virgo rising is completely absurd. (Sorry, but it is, and no disrespect is intended.) While I’m certain you forgot more about astrology than I will ever know, to me this is a typical example of getting into the weeds of a subject, falling down the rabbit hole, as it were, without ever coming up for air..) Not only does he look like a Leo,(and remember, his sun is in Gemini, a sign without specific physical characteristics), but his whole bombastic personality is like a virtual case study of the dark side of a cartoonish Leo. He hires people who “look the part.” He disdains his own daughter Tiffany because she is “fat” and he doesn’t want to be seen next to her. The shallowness of his tastes, the gaudiness, the sheer ostentatiousness of wealth, all speak for themselves. And, to top it off, he has a GOLDEN TOILET. For heaven’s sake. I love the specificity of astrology, but let’s not get too fixated on obscure astrological points like Regulus being exactly here or there. That’s like a doctor pondering a lab report without ever looking at the patient across from his desk. Besides, the odds are he was born earlier rather than later, as is usually the case when relying on a harried nurse who might or might not have a reliable watch at hand. And even five minutes earlier or later make hardly a difference aside from the ascendant. When planets are right at the cusp of a house, they make themselves felt there even when they are not technically in it. He is hugely influenced by the ascendant conjunction with Mars, no matter what.

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