Masha’allah: a horary about a conflict

In his book On Reception Masha’allah discusses a horary chart about a potential armed conflict. The querent is apparently a general who was appointed by the sovereign to confront a rebellious in a province in Africa. From the data given by Masha’allah, I estimate the the question was asked about 6:54 AM LMT on 01 December 0794.  Not knowing the location of the question, I set the chart for Basra, Iraq, where the astrologer was born. To approximate the planetary positions listed in the text I used the sidereal zodiac according to Raman.

Because no house system is mentioned in the text and no MC is given, I used Whole Sign houses. In addition, Masha’allah’s text gives the position of Venus as 2 Sag 31, which is more than 5 degrees from the Ascendant, given as 8 Sag, yet nowhere does Masha’allah mention the idea of Venus being cadent or lying in the 12th house, which suggests that he was using Whole Sign houses to analyze this chart.

Defeat REBEL

It is a Moon day during a Moon hour.

The querent is signified by Jupiter (ruling the Ascendant) and his co-ruler, the Moon.

The enemy general (the rebel) is shown by the opposite 7th house, ruled by Mercury.

The querent had asked two questions: would the sovereign give him the post, and what would be the outcome of his confrontation with the the rebel general.

The sovereign, and also the desired promotion, are shown by the 10th house, ruled by Mercury.  The querent’s ruler Jupiter in the 10th is an argument that he will be granted the position.  Mercury (the sovereign and the position) applies to sextile Jupiter (the querent), indicating that he will get the position, especially since Mercury (the sovereign) receives Jupiter (the querent) in his domicile and exaltation (Virgo).  The preceding analysis is based on the modern chart.  Masha’allah had Mercury at 29 Scropio directly opposite (the Latin reads, per directionem suam) to Saturn at 29 Taurus. Masha’allah goes on to say that he looked at:

  • the Ascendant (the sign Sagittarius) and planets therein, Venus and the Sun, which form Whole Sign aspects to their dispositor Jupiter, a favorable condition. The Sun is separating from the lesser benefic Venus and applying to the greater benefic Jupiter, and Masha’allah comments that “the testimonies were joined to him over good fortune” (Holden translation).
  • the Lord of the Ascendant, Jupiter in the 10th conjunct the MC, a very favorable and strong position.
  • the planet from whom the Moon last separated, which was Jupiter in the 10th.

Things are looking good for the querent.

What about the rebel in Africa? With Gemini on the 7th cusp, the enemy general is signified by Mercury, who is Retrograde and occupies the cadent 12th Whole Sign from the Ascendant. In addition, Mercury is in direct opposition to Saturn, the greater malefic. Things aren’t looking too good for the rebel.

For further information about the rebellious general Masha’allah turns to the planet which the Moon will next aspect, in this case, Mars.  Masha’allah has Mars as being Retrograde, in the unfortunate 8th house and in Cancer, the sign of his fall. He goes on to discuss the armies of the two generals and gives a detailed account of what he thinks will happen.

His conclusion is that the sextile between Mercury (the rebel general) and Jupiter (the querent) was an aspect of peace and concord, so that in the end they would settle their differences and come to an amicable resolution.




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