The “horary” method of Evangeline Adams


When I was first learning astrology back in the 1950s, the only books available in my local library were those of Evangeline Adams.  I was impressed by the fact that she had predicted that the USA would enter into a war in 1942, several years before the USA got involved in World War II.  Adams died in 1932, ten years before the event.  Another interesting section of Adams’ text had to do with her own version of horary astrology, which is based on the interactions of the astrological houses of the moment with the natal planets.

As I understood her method, when a pressing personal question came up during a consultation Adams calculated the Ascendant and house cusps for the moment the querent asked the horary question and then placed the client’s natal planets in the horary wheel (rather than the current transits for the moment of the question).  If the client did not know the time of birth, she used the mean (midday) planetary placements for the day of birth.  Adams then interpreted the natal planets and aspects according to the houses they occupied in the horary chart for the moment of the question.  Adam’s horary technique takes very seriously the maxim that nothing can happen in the life of the native that is not promised in the birth chart.

Let’s apply Adam’s “new horary” method to a well-known chart of William Lilly.  In 1634 Lilly wanted to buy the houses of Mr. B and asked a horary question about whether he would be able to procure the necessary money in time to effect the purchase.  Here is Lilly’s natal chart with the 1634 horary chart alongside (see Christian Astrology, p. 219).

Lilly and Mr B

Lilly interpreted the 1634 chart to mean that he would be able to purchase the houses but at a considerable cost.  He noted that the friendly seller’s daughter was very helpful to him in bringing the matter to a conclusion.

Next is the “new horary” chart which Evangeline Adams would have constructed from Lilly’s natal chart.  Adams would use the Ascendant of the horary question (13 Libra 45) and rotate Lilly’s natal chart so that the birth planets kept their natal positions but the houses of the “horary” chart changed to match those of the horary question.  This is the chart Adams would have interpreted, had Lilly consulted with her about this matter.

Adams horary Mr B

To repeat, these are Lilly’s natal placements inserted into the chart cast for the moment of the question (without the current transits).

What might Adams have said to Lilly?

  • She would likley have started with the Libra Ascendant, ruled by Venus in Taurus.  Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant is quite favorable and probably means that Lilly will be successful in buying the houses.  It is notable that Jupiter is the Asc-ruler of Lilly’s natal chart.  Thus, the extremely close conjunction of Jupiter with the horary Ascendant could be a message from the universe to consider both Jupiter and Venus as signifiers of Lilly in this horary example.
  • The Asc-ruler Venus (Lilly, the querent) occupies the 8th house of the seller’s money and is about to conjoin the Sun, exalted ruler of the Aries 7th house seller, suggesting that Lilly is about to strike a deal and exchange money with the seller.
  • The Sun rules the 11th house of Lilly’s friend and the seller’s children (11th is 5th from the 7th).   The seller’s daughter was Lilly’s friend, and she helped him to finalize the deal with her father.
  • The 11th house also signifies Lilly’s hopes and wishes.  He badly wanted to buy the property of Mr. B.  In this horary, Asc-ruler Venus applies to conjoin the Sun (Lilly’s hopes), implying the Lilly’s wishes will be fulfilled.
  • The 7th ruler Mars (the seller) lies in the 11th (the seller’s daughter) and applies to square the Part of Fortune (Lilly’s material well-being), perhaps suggesting that a favorable outcome will be more costly than Lilly would like.
  • The Moon conjunct the 4th cusp shows Lilly’s emotional involvement in buying the houses, which he strongly desired.
  • With Capricorn on the 4th cusp, the houses are ruled by Saturn.  The Moon (a co-ruler of Lilly and of the question) is separating from a square to Jupiter (Lilly’s natal Asc-ruler) on the horary Ascendant and mutually applying next to a sextile to Saturn Rx in Scorpio in the 2nd of Lilly’s money, thus uniting Lilly with the houses but at considerable expense.  After sextiling Saturn, the Moon will immediately trine the Venus/Sun conjunction in the 8th, again suggesting that Lilly will be able to buy the houses.

It looks like Adams would have come to  much the same conclusion as Lilly regarding this horary question.

adams ad

The 1914 rates charged by Evangeline Adams for her services.

Here is a passage from Astrology Your Place in the Sun (1927) by Evangeline Adams:

“... take the exact time the question is asked and work out for this time the Ascendant, or first house, as well as the cusps of the other eleven houses; just as you would if drawing a natal chart.  Instead, however, of placing in this chart the planets as they appear in the heavens at the moment the question is asked, the querent’s radical planets should be placed in this chart.  The Astrologer should now proceed to read the chart in the same manner as if it were the radix, for the chart as it now stands might be considered the horoscope for the birth of the idea,  just as the natal chart is the horoscope for the birth of the individual.”  (page 261)


About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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17 Responses to The “horary” method of Evangeline Adams

  1. Catherine says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Very interesting! Just a detail: Mars is in applying square to the Part of Fortune and I’ve seen some charts where a square to this lot works pretty well.


  2. Tom Desouches says:

    It was delightful to see this variation of approach. Wonderful post, thank you!

  3. Bernard says:

    Hello Anthony,
    Thank you very much for this time technique that I did not know! However, can you tell me how to have the horary chart with the native planets of William Lilly (probably traced with Solar Fire)? I tried to get the same with Solar Fire and Janus: I did not succeed … because the planets transited automatically to adjust to the Hour Ascendant (13 ° 45 ‘Balance). Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Bernard,

      There is no easy way to do it in those programs. What I did was keep the natal data, including latitude, constant and then adjust the longitude of the chart to match the horary Asc and MC.

      • Bernard says:

        Hi Anthony,
        I followed your step, but I did not manage to keep the natal position of the Moon (14°48 ‘Capricorn) for William Lilly … It progresses to 21°40’ Capricorn for the Hour Ascendant at 13°45 ‘Libra. Finally, it refines the technique of Evangeline Adams! Thanks again.

  4. Bernard,
    If you keep the latitude the same, then somewhere in the world there is a chart at the same moment of the natal chart that will have the horary Ascendant. The MC moves one time zone every 15 degrees, so you can figure out how many degrees east or west of the birthplace to move to get the same MC as the horary. Then you “relocate” the birth chart to that location and adjust the time of birth accordingly at that location to keep the same natal positions.

    I hope this is clearer than my first comment.


  5. Bernard says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for your explanations that I understand … but even using the clock of “Janus 5”, I cannot keep the precise degree of William Lilly’s Moon: with 13°45′ Libra Ascendant and 18°19′ Cancer Midheaven, it is 9°55′ Capricorn (not 14°48′ Capricorn in the birth chart), although it is properly conjoined Imum Coeli. But I do not bother you anymore with that …. and many thanks for helping me. You are considered a great Astrologer in France, my country! Continue to serve Horary Astrology as you do…

    Best regards,

    • Catherine says:

      Hello Bernard,

      I stumbled upon your comment and saw you live in France. I’m from France too, so we could connect to share our horary astrology experiences. I studied Anthony’s book on Horary and it’s amazing. Cheers!


      • Bernard LOTTE says:

        Hi Catherine,

        Thank you for your contact! I live in France, in Bordeaux. Do you live in United States? I will answer you in French on your site (superb!) because I don’t want to clutter the blog of Anthony Louis. See you soon!


  6. Hi Bernard,
    Try this.
    In Solar Fire, TURN OFF the Auto Lookup feature in the Edit Chart Data window.
    Use these data for Lilly’s birth chart:
    May 11 1602 NS
    2 AM
    TZ +0:00 (UT)
    Lat: 52N50
    Long: 000E01
    This should reproduce Lilly’s birth chart as it is shown in,_William

    Now to adjust the chart to get a horary ascendant and MC cast from Lilly’s birthplace, you use the same data but change ONLY the longitude to adjust the MC. The Asc will be calculated automatically.

    In the houses of Mr B chart, the MC is 18 CN 19 and his natal MC is 19 SG 20, so their is a difference of 151 deg 11 min between them. Thus, we have to adjust the Longitude by roughly this amount. Look at that chart keeping “auto lookup off” because you want to manually adjust the longitude. You may need to make slight adjustments to the longitude to get the MC to be at 18 CN 19. Adjusting the longitude to 148W43 gives the same angles as the horary chart but keeps Lilly’s nalal planets unchanged.

  7. Bernard says:

    Hi Tony,

    It works! Tony, you are great! Without you, I’ll never have done it … I’ll see if Janus 5 can do the same thing. I will be able to write the chapter on the time technique used by Evangeline Adams in my new book “Horary Astrology for XXe century”, where I will not forget to quote you for helping me. Thank you again for your assistance.

    Best regards,
    Bernard LOTTE

  8. Hi Bernard,

    I’m glad it finally worked. It’s a bit complicated but it does produce a nice looking chart. It should work in Janus, even if you have to just copy the data from Solar Fire into Janus to produce the chart. Good luck with your book on horary.


  9. Hello Anthony. Can I ask what Evangeline Adams book you are citing as the source for this technique?

  10. Adams describes the technique in 1926 in The Bowl of Heaven and again in 1927 in Astrology Your Place in the Sun (pages 261-264).

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