Luke Broughton on Gemini as the zodiac sign of the USA

The 19th century British-American astrologer Luke Broughton (1828-1899) popularized the idea that the USA was a nation ruled by the sign Gemini. This notion was repeated by other astrologers of the time, such as Raphael in his book on Mundane Astrology. I’m not sure where the idea originated, whether Broughton learned it from his teachers in England or whether he came up with the association on his own. In the pages below, reproduced from his 1860s Monthly Reader, Broughton points out that the entry of Uranus into Gemini corresponds with a period of war in the USA, and in particular that when Uranus reaches about 9 degrees of Gemini there is a declaration of independence. Here is a reproduction of his original text.

The image below also comes from Broughton’s Monthly Reader from the early 1860s. It is included here simply because it is quite nice-looking, but it is not related to Broughton’s ideas about Gemini being the zodiac sign that “rules” the United States of America.

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