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The Neglected Nonagesimal

In most types of astrology the Midheaven (MC, or Medium Coeli) is considered to be of extreme importance. Most quadrant house systems use the MC as the cusp of the 10th house. Some astrologers incorrectly refer to the MC as … Continue reading

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The Two of Wands and the Sadness of Alexander the Great

When Etteilla gathered his meanings for the tarot cards in the streets of 18th century Paris, he found that the common delineation of the Two of Wands was one of sorrow, sadness, dark thoughts, displeasure, and unexpected events.  The Golden … Continue reading

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Alexander the Great and the Crucifixion of Jesus

In studying the life and birth chart of Alexander the Great, it occurred to me that the Christian religion borrowed some of its symbolism from the Alexandrian myth.  According to wikipedia, “Alexander took the Persian title “King of Kings” (Shahanshah) … Continue reading

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Rectifying the chart of Alexander the Great

In previous posts I proposed that Alexander the Great was born around 19-20 August 356 BC, based on historical evidence and astrological conjecture.  Records suggest that he was born close to the time of the Olympics in mid- to late-August … Continue reading

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Ancient calendars and the birth of Alexander the Great

In the previous post I proposed a possible birth chart for Alexander the Great who, I deduced, was most likely born on August 19th or 20th of 356 BC in Pella, Greece.   In fact, a sunrise chart for 20 … Continue reading

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A Possible Birth Chart of Alexander the Great

I recently read a biography of Alexander the Great and wondered what his chart might look like.  Unfortunately, his date of birth is not known with any certainty and many speculative natal charts exist.  Almost all sources agree that Alexander … Continue reading

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