Astrologer Wilhelm Wulff’s Rectification of Hitler’s Birth Chart

Theodor Heinrich Wilhelm Wulff was born in Hamburg, Germany, on 27 March 1893 at 8:15 AM (Rodden rating AA). In 1912 Wulff came across the horoscopes which Kepler had cast for Wallenstein, initially in 1608 and then a corrected version, based on more accurate birth data, in 1625. Wulff was so impressed with Kepler’s work that he studied the celestial science and became one of the leading astrologers in Nazi Germany. Below is Wulff’s birth chart as it appears in

In his book Tierkreis und Hakenkreuz. Als Astrologe an Himmlers Hof, first published in 1968 and translated into English in 1973 under the title Zodiac and Swastika: How Astrology Guided Hitler’s Germany, Wulff includes his rectification of Hitler’s birth chart which he and other astrologers have used to successfully predict events in Hitler’s life.

According to Baptismal records from the Brannau rectory, Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 at 6 1/2 in the evening, at Salzburger Vorstadt 219, Branau. A chart cast for the recorded time of 6:30 PM LMT in Brannau has an Ascendant of about 26 Libra 41′ and an MC of 4 Leo 10′. Wulff, however, used a birth time for Hitler of about a half hour earlier, with an Ascendant of 20 Libra 24′. In his book, Wulff attributes this earlier birth time to an ex-army officer named Herbert Volck, describing a visit in the summer of 1923 in which:

He [Volck] had also brought the birth data of Hitler, Goring, and Röhm with him from Munich and asked me whether the putsch they will planning was likely to succeed. At Volck’s request I first cast Hitler’s horoscope in August, 1923. In it I found particularly unfavorable planetary combinations, and for the autumn of 1923 Hitler’s s ascendant revealed a malefic conjunction of Saturn and Mars. For about twenty-four hours on or about November 8-9, Mars and Saturn were particularly threatening. There were indications of violence with a disastrous outcome.”

It is not clear from Wulff’s account whether he simply used the birth data, as is, provided by Volck or whether he rectified that data on the basis of known events in Hitler’s life. Nonetheless, the chart which, according to his own report, Wulff used for Hitler’s nativity is the following (time here in LMT):

Wulff’s version of Hitler’s natal chart, based on data supplied by Herbert Volck

Wulff comments that his prediction of danger in the fall of 1923 was based on the proximity of the two malefics, Saturn and Mars, to Hitler’s natal Ascendant: “I found particularly unfavorable planetary combinations, and for the autumn of 1923 Hitler’s s ascendant revealed a malefic conjunction of Saturn and Mars. For about twenty-four hours on or about November 8-9, Mars and Saturn were particularly threatening.” If we look at the positions of transiting Saturn and Mars on November 8 – 9 of 1923, we may be able to deduce what methods Wulff used to make his prediction.

8 Nov 19230 AM25 Libra 38′13 Libra 15′19 Libra 27′
9 Nov 192312 Midnight25 Libra 52′14 Libra 32′20 Libra 12′
Transiting Saturn and Mars during Nov 8 – 9, 1923

Wulff felt that the autumn of 1923 would be difficult for Hitler because both Saturn and Mars were transiting near his natal Ascendant. He may have focused on November 8 – 9, 1923, as particularly dangerous for several reasons. Transiting Saturn during those days in November was opposite his natal Mercury, ruler of the 12th of hidden enemies and imprisonment, and at the same time was square to the natal MC.

Being from Hamburg, Wulff was almost certainly familiar with the work of Alfred Witte on midpoints and would have noticed that around November 8th the transiting Mars/Saturn midpoint was passing over the positions of the natal Ascendant and natal Uranus and was also sesqui-quadrate to natal Pluto in Hitler’s 8th house of death. The combined influence of Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto all affecting the Ascendant degree certainly sounds ominous to the ears of an astrologer.

If we use Wulff’s “rectified” chart to calculate the Wynn Key Return chart for November 8, 1939, the date of the bombing which killed several Nazi officers but spared Hitler, we find that the total solar eclipse of 13 October 1939 reached maximum intensity at 18 Libra 37′, exactly on the Wynn Key Return Midheaven and transiting Venus, Hitler’s natal Asc ruler, lies on the Key Return 12th cusp.

Wynn Key Return of 8 Nov 1939 based on Wulff’s version of Hitler’s birth chart. A solar eclipse occurred on 13 Oct 1939 in the position of the MC of this chart.

The Wynn Key Return chart simply progresses the cusps of the annual solar return at a rate which carries the MC from the position of one return to the next. The planetary positions in the Wynn Key Return chart are the transits of the moment for the date being studied. We can see in the Wynn Key Return for 8 Nov 1939 that Saturn lies at 26 Aries 25′ almost exactly opposite the Asc of the 6:30 PM Hitler birth chart, and Mars lies at 23 Aquarius 16′ in close square to the Placidus 8th house of Hitler’s natal chart.

I don’t know which chart Kart Ernst Kraft used to warn of an attempt against Hitler’s life during the period November 7 – 10 of 1939. If he used the 6:30 PM birth time, then the presence of transiting Saturn opposing the natal MC simultaneously with transiting Mars squaring the 8th house cusp is consistent with such a warning.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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6 Responses to Astrologer Wilhelm Wulff’s Rectification of Hitler’s Birth Chart

  1. Scott Silverman says:

    Now this is just weird Tony I was just reading about and looking at this chart for Hitler today! In a book by Malcom Dean called “The Astrology Game’…there was a fascinating chapter therein on Brigadier Firebrace and his astrological influence in major WWII figures. Wulf’s chart for Hitler was mentioned but a different chart was shown…I began wondering which hardrive my pdf of Zodiac and Swastika is on..I printe dit out but that copy is probably oin storage. Will takea picture of both charts Deans discussed – Hitler’s chart with angles for Berlin and what seems to be an oriign chart for the German Reicj dated Jan 18th, 1871 for 1 pm LMT at Versailles, but again with Berlin angle

    Happy 4th !


  2. Kelly Wicker says:

    Hi, Very interesting! A friend and I will be running the Witte Harmonic points on this chart. I wonder about the WYNN Key Cycle booklet. How many pages is it? I am wondering if I should include it in my studies? Kelly in VT

    • Hi Kelly,
      If you find something interesting with Wulff’s chart, please leave a comment.
      Wynn’s Key Cycle was very popular a few decades ago, and I’m not sure how many astrologers are using it currently. His method of progressing the angles and cusps of the solar return from one year to the next is quite simple and ingenious, so, yes, I think it is worth knowing about and experimenting with.

  3. Tom Callanan says:

    Bulgarian Astrologer Rumen Kolev, author of the Placidus Primary Directions program, rectified Hitler’s chart and came up with something similar to Wulff: 6:03 PM 27 minutes earlier than the generally accepted 6:30 PM, and 8 minutes later than Wulf’s. Kolev originally used primary directions to make his case (it’s in the first volume of his three volume (each a booklet) set on Primaries. He “verified” that data by using the Porphry module of the Placidus program. The 8 minute difference might not be significant. Despite the fearsome reputation of primaries and the need for super accurate birth times, astrologers who use them then allow a pretty generous time period before and after the “hit” making the super accurate time requirement, if not superfluous, at least not as critical as advertised.

    • Hi Tom,
      Thanks for the info. I wasn’t aware of Kolev’s rectification, but I tend to agree. As I’ve experimented with the Wulff chart and the 6:30 PM time, I keep finding that an intermediate time would give better results (closer hits) but I haven’t put in the time to do a formal rectification.

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