Death by drowning

Death by Drowning

The recent news of the missing college student who was found drowned in Wilmette Harbor got me thinking about other cases of death by drowning.  Here is the chart for the missing student’s last ping from his cell phone:

Last ping of student found drowned in Wilmette Harbor

I was struck by Aquarius, the Water Bearer (associated with the flooding of the Nile in ancient Egypt), on the 8th cusp of death.  Neptune, god of oceans, occupies the 8th.  The 8th ruler Saturn occupies the 4th of endings and squares the ASC.  The modern 8th ruler Uranus conjoins the MC and squares Pluto.  The ruler of the ASC (the missing student) conjoins the 6th cusp of illness and distress.

This chart reminded me of another case from the horary literature.  Simmonite in his 19th century book recounting his 20 years of experience doing horary mentioned a chart about a querent who asked whether his “absconded mother was dead or alive.”  The question was asked on February 11, 1850 at 6:30 p.m. in Sheffield, England.  (I noticed a typo in my 1996 book on horary, which lists the time as 6:36 p.m. but the analysis remains almost the same.)

“Is my absconded mother dead or alive?” — 11 Feb 1850, 6:30 pm, Sheffield, UK

Simmonite (1809 – 1863) uses the traditional rulership of the 10th house for the querent’s mother.  The Taurus 10th is ruled by Venus, less than 2 minutes later Gemini would be on the MC, making Mercury the mother’s ruler.  In this case it doesn’t matter much because Venus and Mercury are conjunct in Aquarius in the 6th house.  Simmonite used this chart to illustrate certain principles in his book on horary.  Here is a quote from the 1896 edition of his text:

Simmonite’s rules on missing mothers (p. 110 of the 1896 edition of his text)

The above quote appears on page 11o of Simmonite’s 1896 book:

Title page of 1896 text (6th edition)

Here are Simmonite’s rules (derived from his reading of William Lilly and his 20 years of experience doing horary charts) paraphrased and generalized to any missing person and to the house (and derived houses) of the missing person in the horary chart:

If the ruler of the person’s 8th lies in the horary 8th, and is an infortune, she is dead.  [In the absconded mother’s chart, Saturn rules the mother’s death (5th house = 8th of 10th) and occupies the horary 8th.]

There is danger of death if Mars or Saturn lies in the house representing the missing person or the horary 8th.  If Saturn, she is drowned.  If Mars, violence as the cutting of the throat, shooting, hanging, etc.  [In the absconded mother’s chart, Mars occupies the 10th of the mother and Saturn occupies the horary 8th.]

If the ruler of the missing person or of their 8th house, or of the horary 8th house, is afflicted, there is danger of death.  [In the absconded mother chart, Venus rules the mother and trines Mars in the 10th in signs of short ascension, making it act like a square.  Venus is combust the Sun.  Jupiter, which rules the horary 8th, is square Mars in the 10th of the mother.]

If the ruler of the missing person lies in the horary 4th and squares the Moon, she is dead.

If the Moon or the ruler of the missing person conjoins the ruler of the horary 6th or 8th in the person’s 8th, or in the horary 8th or 4th, she is dead.

If the ruler of the missing person or the Moon is combust the Sun and occupies the person’s 8th or the horary 6th, 8th or 4th, she is dead.  [In the absconded mother chart, both Venus and Mercury are combust the Sun in the horary 6th.  The Moon, a natural signifier of mothers and ruler by exaltation of the 10th of mothers is also combust the Sun.  William Lilly defined “combust” as being in the same sign as the Sun and within 8° 30′ of the Sun; beyond that, but within 17 ° of the Sun, a planet is said to be “under the Sun’s beams.”  Here Mercury may be just a little beyond the boundary of combustion.]

Simmonite did not make much use of Arabic parts.  In the chart for 6:30 p.m., however, the Anareta (an indicator of death calculated at night as ASC + ASC_Ruler – Moon) lies in the 12th house of suicide at 4 Virgo 08, almost exactly opposite Neptune (drowning).  Neptune, of course, is the modern ruler of the 8th house of death in this horary chart.

Addendum:  Here is the chart in response to Russ’s question below in Comments.

Girl goes missing in Machynlleth, Wales, on October 1, 2012 at 19:00

Here is Russ’s horary for the same matter (see comments related to this post):

Russ’ horary for missing girl in Wales

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12 Responses to Death by drowning

  1. oxeaxe says:

    are you aware of the ongoing search for a missing child in Wales at the moment? Details here:
    I have set up a horary chart asking for the outcome. I wondered if you had any views?
    Russ, UK

  2. Russ,

    I was not aware of this missing child case. Did you set up a chart for the time she was last seen? That appears to be at about 19:00 on October 1, 2012 according to the BBC: “19:00 BST: April Jones is playing on her bike with friends near her home on the Bryn-Y-Gog estate in Machynlleth, Powys, when she goes missing. According to children, she is taken away in a van or a four-wheel drive vehicle and there are no apparent signs of a struggle.”

    If I set up the chart correctly, 17 Aries rises, which makes Mars and possibly the Sun (almuten at that degree) signifiers of the girl. Moon in the 1st also represents the girl. Mars and Sun are on the western side of the chart, so I would expect her to have been taken in a westerly direction. Mars disposes the Moon.

    Using Regiomontanus houses (as Lilly did), Mars is about to enter the 8th house. Because the time is approximate, it is not clear whether Mars is already in the 8th house at the time of abduction, which would have been the case at 18:50 (just 10 minutes earlier than the reported time). Mars (the girl) applies to square Neptune in the unfortunate 12th of kidnapping. The involvement of Neptune could suggest that she was drugged and possibly drowned by the kidnapper.

    The Moon (another signifier of the missing girl) applies to oppose Saturn, a natural ruler of death. Saturn rules the unfortunate 12th house. Jupiter, ruler of the 8th of death, applies to sesquisquare Saturn, ruler of the 12th, which will also be opposed by the Moon (the girl).

    Pluto at the Midheaven disposes Mars in Scorpio through modern rulerships. Pluto squares Uranus in the 12th house (kidnapping), making the transiting Pluto/Uranus square prominent as it was in the case of the drowned student I reviewed in a recent blog. The Sun (which rules the girl through being almuten of the ASC) separates from the Uranus/Pluto square — an ominous sign.

    The police fear the girl is dead. The chart appears to concur with the police and suggests that the kidnapper drugged and perhaps drowned the girl, or hid her body in a water place (either a body of water or a marshy area) because Mars occupies Scorpio.

    It will be interesting to see how this chart plays out. With Mercury (ruler of the 3rd of news) applying to conjoin Saturn (ruler of the public MC) in 5 degrees, I would expect some more definitive news about what happened to the girl in 5 days (angular house, cardinal sign), that is, by 19:00 on Oct 6, 2012.


    • I just read a news release, dated 11:34 AM, FRI 5 OCT 2012: “Police officers now have until 5 pm on Saturday to question the suspect. At that time officers will need to charge or release him.” ( This timing is consistent with my last comment that “some more definitive news about what happened to the girl in 5 days (angular house, cardinal sign), that is, by 19:00 on Oct 6, 2012.” I suspect the police will get some sort of confession that will be announced before 7 pm on Saturday.

      In looking again at the chart, I realized that Taurus is intercepted in the 1st house so that Venus is another potential signifier of the missing girl. Venus occupies the 6th of illness, square ASC-ruler Mars, and applies to oppose Neptune in the unfortunate 12th.

      • Today I read that the girl was last seen around 7:30 pm, not 7 pm as originally reported. This would put Taurus on the ASC and make Venus her primary ruler. In the 7:30 pm chart Venus conjoins the 6th Regiomontanus cusp, has just squared Mars in the 7th, and applies to oppose Neptune at the cusp of the 12th. Jupiter still rules the 8th of death but is not conjunct the Medieval Part of Death and also conjunct Emerson’s Death Point. Overall the meaning is the same as the 7 pm chart. The kidnapper (Mars in Scorpio in the 7th) abducted the girl, may have drugged and drowned her, and then hidden the body outdoors (Venus in Leo, “where the wild things are”) and possibly in a marsh, steam, or body of water (Neptune in Pisces in the 12th). Leo often refers to a wooden area or a large outdoor park. []

        Horary astrologer Alphee Lavoie suggests that if the significator is in Leo and you are looking outdoors:

        “Look for the item in a park, playground, forest, desert, high steep hills, front yard, public beach, resorts, area close to a sandbox, gym, corner of a year where games are setup, terrain with rocky area, jungle-like areas, outdoor fireplaces or barbecue pit.

        If Leo denotes the direction then go West by North toward a yellow, gold, or orange room or structure.

        CORRESPONDING COLORS ARE: shades of bright gold.”
        [ from his article at ]

        Addendum: The majority of news reports give the 7 p.m. time as the “last seen” time. Today I read that the man accused of abducting and murdering the child was born on Nov. 6, 1965. [ ]

  3. oxeaxe says:

    I used the time when I felt like setting up the chart (yesterday), not the time of the incident. I will try to post it here so you can see the details. There are a couple of interesting points in line with your chart (making allowances for my amateur status in this art).
    Also, Machynlleth is in Wales.
    Thank you for your interest. I have your excellent book and found your site from there.

    • I reposted the chart for the time she went missing and corrected for Wales. Pardon my ignorance of UK geography.

      Regarding different horary charts for the same event, I prefer the last time the person was seen because it is a publicly recorded event. I would also use the time a family member or the police contacted me to ask a question. If I had no “standing” or personal involvement in the case, I would not ask a horary question myself just out of curiosity because the chart is not likely to be radical in that case.

  4. oxeaxe says:

    I’ve put a link to the chart here: (click on Horary03Oct12 to open a word doc – sorry, still figuring out wordpress) The data are 3rd Oct 2012, Gorleston-on-sea, Norfolk, UK 1e43 52n36, Regiomontanus) I used my own time and location on the grounds that, although having no personal connection with the case, I was moved by the events along with the rest of the country. It was something of a heartfelt enquiry in other words.

    In brief, my interpretation is as follows:

    Pluto in 12th makes this radical.

    The missing person is represented by ruler of asc Saturn. This is in 8th house (death) and exalted in Libra (the girl is liked by someone). Saturn conjunct Mercury which translates light to Mars, the perpetrator (apparently the girl was tricked into a van). Saturn also trine Neptune in Pisces, making water important.

    The other significator is Moon in Taurus (countryside, fields, it is a rural location). Moon in 3rd suggests local area, near home and neighbours. Moon opposition Mars (ruling in Scorpio) suggests violence. The Moon is here strikingly in isolation and subject to Mars’s full power. Applying 9 degrees to IC gives 9 days before news i.e. 12th October.

    Finally, using Venus to represent a girl, this is in fall in Virgo, and opposite Neptune in Pisces, water again. Also, Venus exactly conjuct Regulus, sudden downfall.

    Sadly, none of this is good and I hope it is wrong. Of course, your comments welcome.



  5. Rups says:

    This was a very interesting read. I too hope it is not true. Do you make charts only for those missing or is it possible to have one made for ones-self.

    • This post was specifically about missing persons, but it is possible to cast astrological charts for almost any question. This is the branch of astrology known as “horary” astrology.

      • Rups says:

        I see. I have seen 3 astrologers and all 3 have predicted differences when I ask about how many children I will have and what the genders will be. Reason I ask is that I have a health issue so not sure if you can help? The way you explain everything makes it easier to understand and hence I ask. Thanks

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  7. Sadok Kharole says:

    Hello, I need your help sir. My friend missing few months ago, please help me , I’m very difficult situation

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