A remarkable multi-translation of light

William Lilly defines “translation of light and nature“(CA 111) as “when a light Planet separates from a more weighty one, and presently joynes to another more heavy.” He gives the example that Mercury at 16 Aries “translates the virtue of Mars [at 15 Aries] unto Saturn [at 20 Aries.”

Translation of light by the Moon is especially important in horary astrology because of the Moon’s role as a mediator between celestial “influences” and the sublunar world here on Earth. In his book Astrology Restored (1653), William Ramesey states that the Moon “is the most powerfull in operation of all the other planets on Elementary bodies by reason of her proximity to us and her swiftness, by which she transfers the light and influence of all Superiours to us, by configuration with them.”

Most examples in the literature are similar to this one and involve three planets: a lighter planet which translates the light between two heavier ones. Lilly makes it clear, however, that the lighter planet can translate the light involving multiple heavier planets. For example, in his discussion of a tradesman who wanted to get rich (CA 177), Lilly notes that the Moon at 19 Leo translates the light from Mercury at 17 Leo and also from Mars at 16 Libra unto Venus at 25 Leo (CA 182). Lilly does not mention that the Moon also translates the light of Saturn at 15 Sagittarius to Venus at 25 Leo. Here is the chart for Lilly’s tradesman horary:

CA 177 Tradesman horary. The Moon translates the light of Mercury, Mars and Saturn to Venus.

Lilly writes (CA 181-182): “I also found the Moon separated from a sextile of Mars, lord of the 2nd and significator of the thing demanded, and immediately after separated from a conjunction of Mercury, then instantly applying to the conjunction of Venus, significator of the Querent, transferring thereby both the virtue and influence of Mercury and Mars to the proper significator of the Querent.”

In other words, because the Moon is within orb of major aspects to Mercury and Mars and is separating from both of them, it transfers the light of both planets to Venus, to which Luna is applying within orb at the time of the question.
The Moon is also separating from a trine to Saturn and carrying the Saturnian light to Venus, to which the Moon applies.

In Lilly’s tradesman example (above) he regards any planet from whom the Moon is separating within orb to have its light transferred by the Moon to the next planet that the Moon will aspect within orb. A similar but more striking situation occurred in February of this year. See the following chart:

A multi-translation of light by the Moon., which is separating from conjunctions with planets earlier in Aquarius and applying to Mars and then to the Sun.

In the above chart the Moon is separating from conjunctions with Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury and translating their light to Mars via its sinister square. Shortly after the Moon perfects its square to Mars, it will translate the light of Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Mars to the Sun. (In the above chart the dexter square of Mars falls between the Moon and the Sun and acts as a prohibiting factor with regard to the Moon applying to conjoin the Sun.)

A major news headline on February 11, 2021, was about the ice storm in Texas: “6 Dead, Dozens Injured After Pileup Of Over 130 Vehicles On I-35W In Fort Worth.” About an hour after the time of the above chart, the Moon had just separated from its perfected square to Mars and was applying to the Sun, Capricorn was rising in Texas, and the Sun ruled the 8th house of lethal accidents and death. Thus, at about 4:20 AM in Texas, the Moon was transferring the light of every visible planet in this chart to the Sun, ruler of the 8th house.

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