Will Hillary be our next President?

Now that the Republican and Democratic conventions are just around the corner, it seems clear that the November U.S. Presidential Election will be between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  We have reliable information for Trump’s birth but Hillary’s birth data is still considered “dirty data” because of the many conflicting reports about when she supposedly was born.  Most astrologers appear to be using an 8:02 AM time for Hillary, and I will stick to that convention.  In addition, there is disagreement among astrologers about which chart to use for the “birth” of the United States.  My own favorite is a Gemini rising chart which has consistently yielded positive results, so I will make the following assumptions about chart data:

Donald Trump: 14 JUNE 1946, 10:54 AM, Jamaica, NY, from birth certificate.

Hillary Clinton: 26 OCTOBER 1947, 8:02 AM, Chicago, IL, time in dispute so it must be interpreted with caution.

USA Gemini rising Chart: 04 JULY 1776, 2:13:48 AM, Philadelphia, PA, a symbolic chart.

First votes in USA Election: 08 NOVEMBER 2016, 00:00 AM, Dixville Notch, NH.

usa gemini

Let’s begin by looking at where the USA is with respect to its progressed Sun-Moon cycle. Here is a list from Solar Fire about the current USA progressed lunation cycle:


Roughly every 29 1/2 years the USA enters a new progressed lunation cycle. The current cycle began in 1995 when Bill Clinton was President.  Key events that surrounded the May 28, 1995 date (Aquarius 10th house progressed New Moon) were:

April 19, 1995 – Bomb explosion at Alfred Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma kills 168 people in a homegrown terrorist attack.

June 1995 – Monica Lewinsky began her internship at White House.

The themes of terrorist attacks on America soil and the obsession with the sexual behavior of consenting adults have been a prominent part of the current USA progressed lunation cycle.

The First Quarter phase began in January 2002 (Taurus 12th house progressed First Quarter Moon).  The most notable event of this period was George W. Bush’s State of the Union speech in which he name Iraq as a member of the ‘axis of evil’ and warned of the grave danger to the USA of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.

The Full Moon phase began in August 2009 (Virgo 4th house progressed Full Moon).  This was Obama’s first year in office and he was dealing with the subprime mortgage financial meltdown and was also promoting his new healthcare plan for the nation. In the gardening metaphor used for lunation cycles, the flowers have now blossomed and the plants are about to bear fruit.

The nation is now in the Disseminating Moon Phase, the time of harvesting and distributing the goods of the harvest — to use the gardening metaphor.

The next president, who will be elected in November of 2016, will lead the nation through the final quarter of the Aquarius 10th house progressed lunation cycle, which will begin in October of 2017 with the progressed Moon at 12 Sagittarius 22. The harvest has been gathered and distributed, and the plants that remain in the fields begin to decompose as we prepare for the end of this cycle and the beginning of a new one at the next progressed New Moon in November of 2024.

Who will America choose to oversee the final distribution of the harvest and to preside over the ending of the cycle that began with Bill Clinton and came to fruition under Barack Obama?  From a thematic point of view it seems to me that Hillary Clinton is a more logical candidate for winding down the cycle started by her husband Bill and brought to fruition by her colleague Barack Obama.  Donald Trump, despite his popular appeal, seems to be too radical a change for this late stage of the USA lunation cycle.

That being said, there are a number of factors which suggest that Trump may do very well in the November election.  The next figure shows the Gemini-rising USA chart progressed to November 2016 with Donald Trump’s natal chart superimposed.

Trump to nov 1 prg

Incredibly, Trump’s natal Moon falls  exactly on the USA progressed Ascendant, an indication that Trump’s sense of the public mood of the America people is exactly in accord with the emotional state of the populace.  Moreover, Trump’s natal Sun/Moon opposition is powerfully placed on the horizon of the progressed USA chart — suggesting a compelling resonance between Trump’s personal style and the current state of the nation. Trump’s natal stationary Jupiter, symbolizing his expansiveness and tendency to exaggerate, is prominently displayed in the progressed USA 10th house, reinforcing his status and popularity as a public figure in this country.  These favorable configurations could indicate a Trump victory.

If we compare Trump’s progressed chart for November 2016 to the USA progressed chart, the results are also quite striking.

trump pr to usa pr

Here we see that Trump’s progressed Uranus lies exactly opposite the progressed USA Ascendant at the time of the November election but it is also directly opposite his natal Moon.  Generally such a Uranus aspect has an unpredictable, tense, disruptive and emotionally distressing effect. In charts of individuals, Uranus on the cusp of the  7th house often signals a divorce or the breakup of an important relationship.  Since the base chart is that of the United States, the upset is likely to be in the 7th house area of foreign affairs and our relationships with other nations.  Certainly a Trump win would have such a Uranian effect on our dealings with other countries.  Domestically, it could mean the the population of the United States is likely to divorce Trump during the November elections.

Note also that Trump’s progressed Sun squares the USA progressed Moon at this time.  If this were a synastry comparison between Donald Trump and the United States, the Solar Fire program would interpret their relationship as follows:

Each one seems to fill a void deep inside the other. In astrology it is considered important to have a combination of personal planets in order to enjoy a deep relationship, but this can be a difficult combination once the initial excitement has worn off. Friction easily arises and what was once attractive becomes irritating. The success of this relationship largely depends on each person’s ability to accept the other person’s differences. Donald may eventually have difficulty understanding the USA’s emotional nature. Donald may feel impatient and frustrated by the limitations placed on him by the USA.  The USA may feel overwhelmed by Donald’s personality.”

Now let’s look at Hillary’s natal and progressed chart for November 2016 with the progressed chart of the USA for the same period.  Hillary’s charts are based on an 8:02 AM birth time, which may or may not be accurate.

hillary usa pr.jpg

Hillary Clinton’s closest aspects to the USA progressed chart for November 2016 are her natal Jupiter conjunct the USA progressed Moon.  This is quite positive, especially since Jupiter rules the USA progressed Ascendant.  In addition, Hillary’s natal Saturn trines the progressed USA Ascendant, suggesting the the people will see her as a more traditional and conservative choice.  Her natal Part of Fortune is on the MC/IC axis of the USA progressed chart, which seems to be a strongly positive indicator.

Let’s now compare Hillary’s progressed chart to that of the USA.

hillary pr usa pr

Here Hillary’s progressed Neptune conjoins the USA progressed MC within half a degree, no doubt contributing to the public perception of her as deceptive or deliberately misleading.  Hillary’s progressed Venus makes a favorable trine to the USA MC, but here progressed Sun/Mercury conjunction squares the progressed USA MC, suggesting some difficulty or obstacles in winning the presidency.

On the other hand, her Sun/Mercury conjunction is disposed by Saturn, which is sextile her progressed Part of Fortune in the USA 10th and trine the progressed USA Ascendant, suggesting that she will be able to overcome the difficulties indicated by the Sun/Mercury square to the MC.

Finally, the Sun/Mercury progressed conjunction is extremely close, so that Hillary’s progressed Mercury is ‘cazimi’ or ‘in the heart of the Sun’ — an extremely powerful conjunction which strongly fortifies Mercury.  This is significant because natal Mercury rules Hillary’s 10th house of career success, so that at the time of the election natal Mercury’s ability to effect its significance as a career success indicator is powerfully activated by secondary progression to the heart of the Sun.  To my mind Hillary’s progressed Mercury cazimi configuration, which becomes exact 13 October 2016 if the 8:02 AM birth time is correct, is the strongest indicator that she will shine brilliantly by winning the presidency.

The bottom line is that if her 8:02 AM birth time is correct, Hillary Clinton is more likely than Donald Trump to be our next president, though she will have some tough times in late summer/early fall during the height of the campaign.  Trump is extremely popular and has tapped powerfully into the public mood, so a Trump win is not out of the question.  However, Trump’s progressed Uranus exactly opposite the progressed ASC of the USA Gemini chart in early November suggests that, despite his popularity with the Republican base, the nation as a whole will “divorce” him at the time of the election.  If Trump were to be elected president, the progressed chart suggests that we would be in for a rough ride, especially with regard to our relationships with other nations (which are ruled by the 7th house in mundane charts).  To repeat the Solar Fire delineation:

The success of this relationship largely [will depend] on each person’s ability to accept the other person’s differences. Donald may eventually have difficulty understanding the USA’s emotional nature. Donald may feel impatient and frustrated by the limitations placed on him by the USA.  The USA may feel overwhelmed by Donald’s personality.

Addendum 1 (17 July 2016):

I received several comments in Facebook regarding this blog post.  Clearly, other astrologers may interpret the same data differently.  For example, Al Mackenzie wrote: “Trump’s progressed Ascendant ruler (himself) is well-dignified and conjunct the progressed US MC…to me that speaks better of his chances than the ill-dignified Saturn ruling her chart which falls in the US eighth.”  I responded that since this was a comparison of progressed charts I gave more weight to very close aspects (less and half a degree).  That said, it may turn out that Al is correct and that Donald Trump will be our next president, especially if the 8:02 AM birth time for Hillary is inaccurate.

Addendum 2 (2 August 2016):  A reader pointed out that I used November 1 instead of November 8 for the date to which to progress the charts.  This was a typo on my part.  However, the difference of a week in secondary progressions is essentially insignificant.  The Moon advances about 14 minutes of arc in a week by progression.  The other planets and chart points remain essentially unchanged.

Addendum 3 (7 August 2016):  My prediction that Hillary would be the most likely winner was made prior to the political conventions which officially nominated Hillary and Donald as the respective Democratic and Republican candidates.  One of my favorite political astrologers, Patrick Watson, came to the same conclusion after examining the charts for the moments Clinton and Trump stated publicly at their conventions that they had accepted the nominations.  Here is the data he used:

  • Trump accepts the nomination: 21 July 2016, 10:20 PM, Cleveland, OH, Pisces rising.  The Moon lies in the 12th house and is corrupted by malefics.
  • Hillary accepts the nomination: 28 July 2016, 10:47 PM, Philadelphia, PA, Aries rising.  The Moon lies in the 3rd house and applies within a degree to sextile the Sun, which is the exalted ruler of the Aries Ascendant.

Patrick, using Hellenistic techniques, comes to essential the same conclusion.  Hillary Clinton is more likely than Donald Trump to win the November election.

[Note on 11 Nov 2016: It appears that Patrick Watson’s technique of using the exactly timed charts for the moment each candidate accepted the position for their party produced a wrong result and should not be considered reliable.]

Addendum 4 (19 August 2016): I was looking over the Sun signs of US Presidents.  Those born under fixed Sun signs are much more likely to become president than those with mutable Sun signs — another argument in favor of Scorpio Hillary over Gemini Donald. Here is the list:

  • Aries:  John Tyler, Thomas Jefferson
  • Taurus: James Buchanan, Ulysses S. Grant, James Monroe, Harry S. Truman
  • Gemini: John F. Kennedy, George H. Bush, ? Donald Trump ?
  • Cancer:  Calvin Coolidge, John Quincy Adams, Gerald Ford, George W. Bush
  • Leo: Herbert Hoover, Benjamin Harrison, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama
  • Virgo: Lyndon B. Johnson, William H. Taft
  • Libra: Jimmy Carter, Rutherford B. Hayes, Chester Arthur, Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Scorpio: Theodore Roosevelt, John Adams, James K. Polk, Warren G. Harding, James Garfield, ? Hillary Clinton ?
  • Sagittarius: Franklin Pierce, Zachary Taylor, Martin Van Buren
  • Capricorn: Woodrow Wilson, Andrew Johnson, Millard Fillmore, Richard M. Nixon
  • Aquarius: William McKinley, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, William H. Harrison, Abraham Lincoln
  • Pisces: George Washington, Andrew Jackson, James Madison, Grover Cleveland

Addendum 4: Hillary’s secondary progressed Mercury/Sun ‘cazimi’ conjunction becomes exact on 13 October 2016 (based on an 8:02 AM birth time).  At this time Trump’s campaign is spiraling downward and he is being abandoned by a host of key members of his party.

Addendum 5: (9 Nov 2016): Trump appears to have won the election.  It seems that the 8:02 AM time for Hillary’s birth is probably not correct.  The cazimi configuration mentioned above occurs with the 8 AM time, but not with an 8 PM time.  In a recent Podcast, Chris Brennan mentioned that he asked Hillary in person about her time of birth and she said 8 PM, which would significantly alter the nature of the prediction.  We should probably be using the 8 PM time for Hillary’s birth chart.
It also looks like I misinterpreted Trump’s progressed Uranus opposite the USA ASC as the nation divorcing Trump. Instead, it appears that it meant that Trump would drastically upset the sense of identity of the nation.

Here is a clip from MSNBC about the voting turnout:
Clinton won the popular vote by a small margin, but Trump won the electoral college vote.



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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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7 Responses to Will Hillary be our next President?

  1. I wonder if you’ve noticed Regulus on Trump’s Ascendant? Very interesting reading on the web. One article, I can’t find now, suggested that if one reverted to revenge, he would go down in smoke. You may not remember doing a Horary, thanks to Janet Booth, for me re a lost watch you (and she) said was in my house. Did I ever thank you for that? I surely hope so; you said it would take a long time – still looking. Would a Tarot reading be helpful? I would gladly pay a fee for all this work.

  2. LL says:

    Just curious– did you compare both candidates natal charts to the USA natal chart?

  3. I did look quickly at the natal charts compared to the USA chart, but I was more interested in how the charts will have progressed in November of 2016 when the election takes place.

    • LL says:

      I understand, in terms of the energies surrounding that specific time, though I have to say, when looking at the USA’s natal chart in Synastry with the candidates, it seems quite obvious which candidate resonates. Would you think a Composite chart for the USA and both candidates might show anything worthwhile?

  4. Clinton Garrett Soule says:

    I realize this is a Mundane Political Astrology analysis in this post you have put forth, but would you you Anthony Louis allow a horary about the election of President in 2016, or rather several horaries on this for discussion?

    Why do I ask when some artists believe one can not use horary for such?

    Because Lilly lists ‘Government’ and several horaries of Kings, princes, etc. in Christian Astrology I & II, with querants whom were NOT related to the tenth house royalty or magistrates according to Lill’y’s devout text .

    By the way, I love your two books, and I have read the first over 5 times; even with a few mistakes that you are aware of it’s still a great wealth of astro wisdom!

    Clinton Garrett Soule

    Wise Men Truly Know How Little They Know


  5. Hi Clinton,

    My view is that horary charts must be about matters of pressing personal concern. Thus, a horary asked simply out of curiosity about the outcome of the election would probably not be valid. On the other hand, if the election were somehow personally quite relevant to your life, then the horary would likely give a valid answer.

    Take care,


  6. Clinton Garrett Soule says:

    Yes Anthony, I have seen it the same way in that asking out of just whimsical curiosity isn’t that relevant to the querant on asking about future political Leaders whether by appointment or in elections of this nature.

    Yet if Hypothetically people of such backgrounds asked about these various Presidents or world leaders I think as I believe you do it is totally correct to employ horary in asking about the future upcoming President.

    For Example:

    1) A Native American, say a Cherokee in the southern USA could ask about Andrew Jackson becoming the next President in his time period as Jackson’s bigotry against Native Americans or Red Men would have a negative effect upon native people as it did.

    2) Hypothetically if a German Hebrew Descendant knew some of the traits of Adolf Hitler and asked about his rising to power it would give him possible opportunity to avoid the future by leaving the coming atrocity.

    3) In the 60s, a Candidate ran for President by the name of George Wallace from Alabama, who was quite know to have a high prejudice against Ebony Americans. Any Afro-American man asking a horary about Wallace being elected was personally involved and Not just curious if one may have asked such a worthy query.

    4) And I’m not picking on Trump, but by his comments of future war with Islamic nations, anyone asking from Iran if Trump would be the next USA President would have a worthy query as they have another possible war to fear from his statements. This would be a query fit to judge as Moslem from the Middle-East has reason to be concerned.

    When I’m asked to do electional work I advise the astro laymen that the progressions should be consulted. And a horary will give the answer of whether the endeavor can manifest. In the same vein I think when we try to predict from Mundane astrology alone horary can give us the competitive razor’s edge in our abilities for it’s difficult to predict leaders this was as noted in the following.


    I Don’t agree with the author on this and doubt that you do either.

    But in my horaries that were and are perplexing about this election it is as haunting to me as the four examples given as I may have to leave the country if a certain canidate wins as the transiting Pluto opposition the USA Sun, as Lilly taught, will have devastating self-destructive tendencies in the coming decade.

    Clinton Garrett Soule

    Wise men truly know how little they know

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